Health and Wellness Coaching

I came to Catherine, wanting to manage my stress levels, maintain my ideal weight and to understand what healthy eating really means. With so much information available now and so many diets, I wanted some clarity.   With the support of Catherine I have taken control of my nutrition and I now understand the effects different foods have on my body and emotions. I lead a busy and stressful lifestyle and she found ways for me to integrate manageable changes into my every day. The flexible format of the program suited my busy schedule and enabled me to concentrate on making positive changes for the future.   I think the most significant overall change that I have noticed has been confidence in myself and believing that I can do anything. Catherine has worked with me to enjoy the taste of nourishing food, to accept myself just the way I am, appreciate what I have and most all, to love myself. I am experiencing an all-round greater feeling of health and increased energy levels. She has supported me in a way that I was able to make some fundamental changes in my life.   Catherine is a fantastic coach. She has extensive nutritional knowledge and provides recommendations in a safe environment without judgement. Her constantly positive outlook and enthusiasm results in you leaving every session full of inspiration and motivation to make lifestyle changes.   I would highly recommend Catherine to anyone wanting to manage their weight, to improve their nutrition and to find balance in their everyday lives.

Cortney Critchley

I first met Catherine at a “Healthy Treats” workshop and could immediately see her passion for living a healthy life. From then, I continued to see Catherine on a regular basis for health coaching. It was through this that I learnt about ways to lead a truly healthy life, and realised that food was only part of this. Catherine has been amazingly supportive at all times, and has gone out of her way to guide me. She made sure that I never felt overwhelmed in the process. Words can honestly not do justice to the change that Catherine has helped facilitate in my life. Thank you Catherine, for starting me on the right path to leading a healthy life.   xxx

Charlotte Urlwin

I first met Catherine at a Nutrition and Wellness workshop and was immediately drawn to her passion for an all-round healthy lifestyle.  At the time, I was struggling with many areas in my life, particularly weight, an unhealthy relationship with food and I was struggling in my marriage – things in EVERY facet of my life just weren’t happening. I went to Catherine an absolute mess and came out a different person. She was always supportive, went above and beyond and always made me feel at ease.  I looked forward to our sessions because I knew that I would ALWAYS leave her office feeling re-energised, safe and supported, and more confident. With her help, I was able to take control of my nutrition, gained more confidence in my decision-making and learned to love and appreciate myself.  My self-image improved and I made some fundamental changes in my life that in essence, saved my marriage.  The changes that occurred in and with me, mirrored on to my husband and our relationship is stronger as a result. I highly recommend Catherine to anyone who, overall, feels they are struggling and overwhelmed.  She is an inspirational and amazing woman, coach and overall, a kind-hearted and beautiful person – inside and out! If you are ready to make the change and take the steps towards an abundant life, Catherine is your Coach. Thank you Catherine – you saved me in more ways than I can say or put into words and for this, I will be eternally grateful. xx

Joanne Rugari

Prior to Catherine coming into my life I would often find myself anxious, overwhelmed and my emotions would snowball and consume me. I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. Thankfully I discovered Catherine at a time when I needed support, strength and to develop tools to help me get through some pretty tough times.  Since my program with Catherine, I have not only come out with all of those things but many more.  I have learnt ways to implement these tools into my everyday life.  This has assisted me in many times of great need! I have been able to empower not only myself but others around me and to live a much more positive lifestyle. I cannot thank Catherine enough for coming into my life and leaving a lasting footprint.

Jess Bignall

I attended your essential oils talk last week. I just wanted to say thank you! I took so much away from it. I have been using Young Living for a little while now but I have never learnt how powerful they are and how many different ways you can incorporate them into your every day life.

I am studying naturopathy at the moment and sometimes I get so caught up in the study I forget to put it in to practice. Your presentation reminded me of how important our health is and how simple changes can make a huge difference. My boyfriend has been having trouble sleeping and after coming home from seeing you I found all my oils and gave him a foot massage using lavender and he said its the best he has slept in a long time! Something so simple!

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of essential oils.


Yoga and Wellness Workshops

Yoga relaxes me. The moves we do are fun and great. I love the relaxation stories.

Anastasia 12

I like relaxing and stretching poses, but my favourite is candlestick.

Tilly 9

I love yoga because it helps me to relax. I love learning new poses.

Kate 8

I like yoga because it relaxes me and lets my anger out. And we can go to the limits my body lets me do.

Millie 9

What I like about yoga is the relaxation and the fun games we play during yoga. After I feel great!

Sheree 12

The best thing about yoga is while I am doing the poses, it relaxes me. After yoga I always feel refreshed, happy and energetic. It also helps my flexibitly.

Chris 11

I love cat pose. I feel sad when it is over because I want to do it all again.

Lauren 4

My mum loves me doing yoga. When I come home I don’t fight with my brother.

Joe 8

Just a thank you for the great yoga session. My body and I are becoming reacquainted! A profound awareness of where I tend to hold my tension and neglect to respond to my body’s cues resulted from last evening. Thank you for your clear and gentle instruction


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