Yoga and Wellness Workshops

Teaching Educational Staff Workshops

These workshops are designed around the requirements of the school.  Yoga by nature, supports and maximises the learning process.  Various tools are taught to improve concentration and creative thinking, to instil a greater sense of self-knowing and self-confidence and to improve posture.

Some of the topics include:

  1. Relaxation/meditation/mindfulness for children and teenagers
  2. Relaxation/meditation/mindfulness for staff
  3. Yoga and wellness for children
  4. Yoga and wellness for staff

  Thank you.  All of the information, explanations and physical examples were so helpful for us to implement.”


 “Some wonderful ideas and ways to engage quite a range of children and to meet their needs.”

Parents/Caregivers Workshops

These workshops are designed for parents and caregivers of children and teenagers.  They are fun and interactive.  Clear and practical guidance is given to bring the grace of yoga into the lives of our families.

Please contact me with details if you would like to organise a workshop at your school, or for details of up and coming workshops for parents and caregivers.

Corporate Workshops

These workshops are designed to focus on bringing balance, clarity and harmony into the workplace, and to enhance staff personal and career satisfaction, through mindfulness, lifestyle and stress management practices.

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